Will Play Station 5 be able to run all Play Station 4 games?

Play Station 5 will run all Play Station 4 games
Play Station 5 Digital edition

We already knew that PlayStation 5 would be able to run certain “approved” PlayStation 4 games, but the latest gossip suggests that literally all PS4 games will run natively on the new console.

Streamer Lance McDonald, known for streaming games Bloodborne and Dark Souls, recently tweeted something interesting. We don’t know where the information came from, so all this should be taken with caution, but he claims that the PlayStation 5 will be able to run all games for the PlayStation 4, regardless of whether Sony has approved these games to run on the PS5 console or not.

The official Sony statement is that the PlayStation 5 will be compatible with PlayStation 4 games, but only with those that Sony officially approves after testing them on the new console.

McDonald deleted that post, but the screenshot was archived and you can view it on ResetEra. After deleting the original tweet, he wrote the following: “I deleted the tweet out of respect for Sony. Interpret it however you want.

Deleted tweet from Lance McDonald

What are the chances of that being true?

Chances are good that the man is telling the truth because even the official word of Sony on the same issue is not far from it. So Sony has already clarified that they are testing hundreds and hundreds of PS4 games on the new console to make sure it works properly, and that they expect the “overwhelming majority” of PS4 libraries to be officially approved to run on the PS5 console as soon as it is released.

Sony tests hundreds of the most popular PS4 games first and they should all be officially approved upon the release of PS5, but if you own some crazy obscure PS4 game and hope to work on the PS5, with this latest gossip everything seems to be fine.

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