The Last of Us Part II 2

Five years after the events of the first game, Joel and Ellie are living in Jackson. Ellie, after befriending Dina and Jesse, enters into a relationship with Dina after the previous couple broke up. Later, when Joel and Tommy go missing whilst on patrol for nearby Infected, Ellie and Dina go to investigate. It is revealed that Abby and her group are on the outskirts of Jackson to kill a member of the town. Soon after, Joel and Tommy save Abby from the Infected and they escape a large horde, returning to an outpost run by Abby’s group. After the pair introduce themselves, they are attacked by Abby’s group. Ellie finds them but is assaulted and helplessly watches as Abby bashes in Joel’s brains with a golf club. It is revealed that Abby’s group is a part of the larger WLF. Affected by the incident, Ellie swears revenge. Afterwards, Tommy, frustrated that Jackson lacks the resources to fight the WLF, pursues them to their base in Seattle alone. With authorization from Maria, Ellie and Dina pursue Tommy, who has already killed several WLF members. While avoiding WLF patrols in Seattle, the couple are attacked by a large group of Infected and, upon escaping, Ellie reveals her immunity to Dina, who in turn reveals she is pregnant. The next day, with Dina physically weakened by her pregnancy, Ellie pursues Tommy alone and encounters Jesse, who followed them to Seattle, but is fatigued, leaving Ellie to continue her journey alone. While searching for Abby’s friend, Nora, she encounters the Seraphites, who are battling the WLF over control of Seattle. Eventually, Ellie tracks down Nora and interrogates her for information on Abby’s location. As Nora succumbs to her injuries, Ellie learns she is a former Firefly, causing her to recall how, two years ago, she investigated the hospital Joel rescued her from and learned he lied about the Fireflies being unable to find a cure.

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