PS5 Game Case Cover first look revealed

As we all already know, Sony has officially revealed that Play Station 5 will be released in Holiday 2020, so probably between October and December 2020. But, what we didn’t know is how PS5 Game Case Cover (Box art) for upcoming PS5 games will look.

Sony has officially revealed the cover of the upcoming PS5 game Spider-Man: Miles Morales. As the game is currently exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console, this is our first look at the packaging of the PS5 game.

Game Case remain the same dimensions as those for PlayStation 4 games, the layout of the cover also remains the same – the change is only in color. Instead of blue, the top that indicates it’s a game for Play Station 5 will be white, which goes with the design of the console itself which is also white. The plastic box itself, however, will remain blue.

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