PS5 Controller – How long will the battery last?

PS5 Controller
Hands on PS DualSense 5 controller

A seemingly legitimate “hands on” PS5 DualSense controller has appeared on Twitter.

Twitter user Galaxyrain666 allegedly received the Dual Sense 5 controller for use as an employee of a manufacturer of gaming console accessories.

The most interesting detail of the review is the 1560 mAh battery which is 50% bigger than the Dual Shock 4 battery and 3 times bigger than the Dual Shock 3 battery.

Sony has removed the huge LED light on the PS5 controller, so we will assume at least twice the durability compared to the Dual Shock 4. The various patents published by Sony in the last two years give us hope that they will optimize battery consumption, so that despite the haptic vibration which will massively drain battery, it will reach up to 20+ hours of durability.

Twitter user also commented on the adaptability, which in his opinion is more comfortable and better than the Dual shock 4 controller. He is also impressed with adaptive L2 and R2 buttons and the haptic vibration.

As the release of the Play Station 5 console approaches, we expect more and more of this information and details, but they should be taken with caution. You can see tweet below:

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