HITMAN 3 – It has been revealed how many missions Hitman 3 will have!

Hitman 3 was announced this month and is said to be coming out in the first month of 2021. It sounded like confirmation of previous suggestions that the game could be in an episodic format again, but now it’s found out anyway that it won’t be. Hitman 3 will have all the missions in one package immediately upon release and there will be a total of six missions. Specifically, we will visit six locations and there will be six majos missions and a numbers of side challenges.

Owners of the first and second Hitman will be benefit because in Hitman 3 they will be able to get a new versions of existing levels such as Paris, Mumbai, Miami, Sapienza and others. Plus, if you’ve played previous games and unlocked certain weapons and costumes in them, you’ll be able to transfer everything you’ve unlocked to Hitman 3.

The story of Hitman 3 will revolve around five characters. In addition to the famous Agent 47 and his “dealer” Diana Burnwood, Lucas Gray, Olivia Hall and a character called The Constant will also be in the game. The tone of the game will be darker and more serious than in the previous parts. Remember how Hitman was promoted as a fish killer? That will no longer be the case, primarily because the IO Interactive team will be launch the game on the market on their own. The previous two games were launched by Square Enix and WB Games and neither of those companies were happy with game’s sales results.

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