Days Gone PS4 Game that you must play!

Days gone ps4

When you put two of the things you love together, zombies and bikes, the result is this underrated masterpiece called Days Gone.

If you are big fan of zombie games, movies, TV shows, and basically anything with zombies in it, this is definitely game for you.

What is the story in this game?

Days Gone sees you take control of Deacon St. John, a jaded biker and former military man who takes on the role of a bounty hunter in post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest USA. After being separated from his wife during the zombie – or “Freaker” as they’re known in Days Gone –  outbreak, Deacon settles for a life of isolation with his best bud Boozer. And even after years since the separation from his wife, Deacon continues to search for her. And goes through hell to find even the small glimpse of hope.

In between this story, you also have to go through some challenges and quite entertaining missions. The first thing you need to know about Days Gone is that it has many different kinds of zombies.

These jobs make up the missions of Days Gone, as you rescue kidnapped civilians, destroy nearby Freaker nests, and murder those who have double-crossed camp leaders. Such quests are fun at first, but soon become tediously repetitive with infrequent difficulty spikes and curveballs to keep you on edge.

You’re at least rewarded for your efforts with camp credits, which can be used to purchase weapons, supplies and motorbike enhancements. But while Days Gone clearly attempts to make a name for itself as a survival horror, I almost always had sufficient camp credits to fill my pockets with enough pistol ammunition and shotgun bolts to get by without issue – at least on normal difficulty.

Unlike most other zombie games, you can’t just rush in and smash zombies. In Days Gone, you need to combine stealth and strategy to take down zombies. Especially when you’re tasked with destroying zombie nests. And, don’t even get me started on hordes.

Is Days Gone worth buying?

Definitely, it has a good mix of elements, survival, stealth, story and fighting a horde really get’s the adrenalin going. It’s a slow starter but once the game get’s going you will feel the world is coming for you a lot and there is loads of different stuff to do and it’s a lot of fun.

Let’s see some actions in Days Gone

See some action in Days Gone PS4

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