Blair Witch PS4 – Find the way through the haunted woods

Blair Witch PS4
Ellis Lynch and his dog

The Blair Witch Project 20 years ago was a film that was talked about a lot. A horror movie that not only popularized the genre of films shot with a hand-held camera, but also proved to the entire industry how the audience can be scared without investing too much in the movie. Part of the credit for how horror games have evolved over the past two decades can be credited to Blair Witch movie, but who could have known that we would get an official Blair Witch PS4 game later?

Blair Witch game was originally released only for PC and Xbox, but on December 3, 2019, Play station 4 version was released. It is a psychological survival horror game that has a lot in common with the movie and the scary and dark atmosphere, audiovisual intimidation, causes fear in the gamers.

What is the story of the game?

Official Blair Witch story trailer

The plot is set two years after the events of the The Blair Witch movie, which takes place in 1994. The story follows former police officer Ellis Lynch as he joins the search for a missing boy in the Black Hills Forest. With his adorable shepherd dog, he joins the police search for the boy and goes into the haunted forest. In the same forest where strange things happen.

The game requires the player to use a camera, cellphone, flashlight or a dog to track and follow the trail and collect evidence, photos, cassette tapes in solving puzzles and finding a missing boy.

Audiovisual presentation is among the best lately and thanks to that you can enjoy even the smallest details. The story is actually quite good, more than fair and you will like it. The game also has a few different endings, but the ways to see them aren’t exactly clear.

Is Blair Witch PS4 game worth buying?

Blair Witch PS4
Alone in the woods without phone signal

The game has received a lot of positive reviews, the atmosphere in the game is at the top level, it really causes fear when playing. The story is also good, as is the theme of the story that describes the events of the dark Black Hills forest. You have to admit, a dark and cold forest is something that causes fear in all of us. The graphics of the game looks impressive. The dog is also a great addition to the game.

The downside of this game is too much walking in the woods and pretty easy puzzles to solve. However, the biggest problem with this game is the story campaign lenght. The campaign is very short and can be finished in just a few hours.

After all the above, especially if you are a fan of horror games, it is recommended that you play this game and taste the passionate and scary atmosphere from the Black Hills forest.

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